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Max at Dec 2011 Dallas Show
GCh El Lobo Guillermo Max
Earns His Grand Champion Title
with Handler Ashlie Whitmore (Judge Mrs R Smith)
Max finished his GCh title at the December 2011 Dallas show winning against a strong field including the top Giant in breed standings, GCH CH Ingebars Siasconset Rose, handled by expert handler Scott Sommers. Judging by last year's Westminster's breed judge, Mrs Robert Smith made it a special win for Max.

Biloxi June 2011 Grp 2 Podium
Max Goes Group 2 at Biloxi
with Handler Brian Livingston & Judge Nikki Riggsbee Max earned his first Group placement at the June 2011 Riverside West KC show in Biloxi MS. Max went Group 2 in his first weekend with Brian against a strong working group.

Dec 6 2009 Gr Collin Kennel Club Show
Ch El Lobo Guillermo Max
Max Finishes at 2009 Dallas Dog Show

with Handler Greg Reyna & Judge Arley D Hussin
Max won 2 points on Saturday and again on Sunday against a good field of Giants to finish his Championship at 16 months age in just four showings for points.

Beaumont podium picture
El Lobo Guillermo Max
2009 Beaumont Dog Show
with Handler Dr Russ Stovall & Judge Judy Harrington
Max won a Best of Breed against a ranked Giant Schnauzer on his first weekend in competition under Judge Judy Harrington.

Giants Tips Paw print
Tip 173: Poor Puppy Eating Habits
Young Giants can easily be distracted at their feed bowl. Their natural curiosity and playfulness will lead them to everything but finishing up at feeding time. One sure fire way to get them to finish is to always feed them with another dog. Their natural instincts will keep them at their bowl until finished. More tips...
Tip 174: Maintaining Ideal Weight
Obesity in canines is a growing problem and can lead to serious health issues. We have used a rule of thumb that has worked for our Giant as well as his female Mini Schnauzer stable mates. This easy-to-remember rule of thumb is to simply feed your dog 2% of their target body weight. So for example if we want to maintain Max at a trim 90 pounds for the show ring, we simply make sure to feed him about 2% of 90 pounds or about 1.8 pounds of kibble or raw chicken, his normal diet, every day. We have used this rule-of-thumb for over 3 three years and it works!
Welcome to the Lakeside Giant web site, Lakeside's home base for all things Giant. If you're reading this page then it is likely we have a common interest in an outstanding canine breed called Giant Schnauzers. Lakeside Giants is a recently formed giant schnauzer "boutique" kennel dedicated to developing a small, selected number of champion Giant Schnauzers. Our kennel started with a love of the breed that grew from the time we brought our first Giant home to meet his "mini' schnauzer companions. There is nothing quite like the joy of raising, training and living with an extended family of Giant and Miniature Schnauzers.
The Giant team

Max at Bryce
Ch El Lobo Guillermo Max
OFA Excellent

News and Articles
Max at Kenora Max Earns a Group 4 in Canada
Dateline June 2012 Kenora Ontario Canada
Max went Group 4 against top ten working breed competition at the 2012 Kenora District Dog Show. More than the show, Max enjoyed the great Canadian summer weather and a break from the 100 deg heat back home in Texas!
Max Herding Trial  Max Earns a Leg on His Herding Title
Dateline May 2012 Alburquerque NM
Max went Best of Breed 2 out of 4 days at the High Desert Cluster in Alburquerque, NM in May 2012. Even with a busy show schedule Max found time to enter the New Mexico Herding Association AKC Herding Instinct Trials. Not having seen a sheep except maybe from a car window, Max's instincts kicked in and he performed well earning a ribon for the first leg of his herding title.
Max in Bluebbonts Max Wins Photo Contest
Dateline June 2011 Lake Conroe TX
This photo of Max in a field of bluebonnets, taken just outside of Montgomery TX by Alma Frazier, placed in a Chris Christensen national photo contest. Look closely at Chris Christensen's dog grooming catalogs and you'll likely see this photo of Max! 
Dallas Dec 6 Breed Ring A New Champion!
Dateline December 2009 Dallas TX
Max won Best of Winners and Best Opposite both Saturday and Sunday at the Greater Collin KC Show at Dallas Market Hall earning him 4 points and his AKC Championship.
09 Beaumont BoB Win -  Max
Max Wins Best of Breed First Time Out
Dateline April 2009 Beaumont TX
Max won a Best of Breed from judge Judy Harrington in the Saturday April 25th Beaumont Kennel Club Show...

09 Denton Stack - Max
Back-to-Back Majors Second Weekend Out
Dateline May 2009 Denton TX
Denton Kennel Club Show Max competed against a field of seven Giants in the annual Denton show and came away with Winner's Dog both days...

09 Shawnee - Max
Max Wins Best Opposite Against Males Champions in OK
Dateline May 2009 Shawnee OK
Max took Best of Opposite Sex in Shawnee OK at his third showing. This major came against two very nice male champions, one a rare pepper and salt champion...

CyCreek KC WG Ring A Best in Match!
Sep 2009 Cypress Creek Kennel Club
Max won his Working Group under Judge Cathy De Le Garza and went on to win Best in Match under Judge Carol Moser at the Sep 2009 Cypress Creek Kennel Club...
Max Places at the 2009 Giant Schnauzer Nationals
Oct 2009 GSCA Nationals Roseville CA
Max did an outstanding job at his first-ever Giant Schnauzer Nationals in the 12-18 month class. He placed...

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